15-Feb-2018: Magpies In The Community Football Training letter added

17-Dec-2018 08:50: Activities online registration now CLOSED.

12-Dec-2018: Senior Boys Drama added to Wednesday
                    Senior Boys Public Speaking moved to Thursday

11-Dec-2018: Missing Year 9 Boys' Rowing sessions added.

10-Dec-2018: Upper Junior Girls Choir - Tuesday Lunchtimes - added
                       Year 9 Senior Boys missing study session corrected.

06-Dec-2018: Group lists for Tennis Development and for Junior's Judo have been retained from the Autumn Term. If your son/daughter no longer wishes to participate, please withdraw them by clicking "Leave Group"

05-Dec-2018: Additional information on individual activities added the "Information & Costs" page. Further information is being collated for other activities and will be updated soon.

30-Nov-2018: Provisional Lent Term Activities now published. Please be aware that there may be some small adjustments before the portal is opened on Thursday 6 December.

15-Nov-2018: Provisional Lent Term Activities are currently being devised.

Lent term Activities will begin on Monday 14 January 2019.

Activities Registration will be open 
from 4.00pm on Thursday 6 December until 9.00am Wednesday 12 December.


Some of our activities are very popular or may have limited spaces available.  For these, we will be operating a waiting/holding list system. Where students work towards grades / belts or certificates, we will give priority to previous participants to enable them to continue working towards their goal. After that, we will assign remaining spaces in order of application. 
For other activities that simply have limited spaces, we will endeavour to allocate spaces as fairly as possible.

Everyone wishing to join the activity should select "Join", and will then be added to a waiting list rather than on to the main group list.  
If an activity appears to have spaces available but puts you on a waiting list, it is because a controlled waiting list is being operated.

Waiting lists will also be created if the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces. You are free to join this waiting list as there is always the chance that someone will pull out of an activity and free up a space.  If a space comes up, and you are next on the list, you will be contacted.

If you have any queries regarding specific activities, please contact the appropriate school office, or email;
Junior Boys - JB Activities 
Junior Girls - JG Activities 
Senior Boys - SB Activities 
Senior Girls - SG Activities 

To log in click the link at the top of the page. 
** If you cannot see the tab you need (eg "Student Log in") click "Log In" at the very bottom of the page to log in to google sites.

When logging in, 

You can log in using your Google Login OR your network username (eg 05762) and password.
Your username will be the username (eg Surname12545) provided when the Report Portal was launched, or when you joined the school.
If you cannot remember it, please do
 let us know.

The portal will allow you to check, at any time in the term, the activities for which you are registered, just in case you forget where you (or your child) should be.


So what's in it for you?

You get to explore your physical, creative, social and career interests with like-minded others.  You'll find new friends: trying something different may bring you in contact with pupils you didn't know who share your interests and curiosity. Participating in co-curriculat activities helps you in other ways too: it looks good on your personal statement, university/job applications and shows admissions officers and employers you're well rounded and responsible. Our Lent term programme offers new and exciting opportunities. The most basic reason for joining an activity is to have fun, make friends and get to know teachers and senior pupils better.

Finding the right activity for you

Review the activities we offer, listen to other students' experiences to find an activity that meets your needs. Think about your interests, abilities and time available. Are you looking to meet friends or get support? Don't limit yourself to the familiar, try something new!


Although most come at no extra cost, some of our activities incur an additional fee. 

A list of these activities can be found under COSTS.

In the In most cases, this fee is added to the end of term bill, but some will require a payment to be made on the Pay Portal. Further information will be sent to all participants once registration for the term is complete.