I don't know my (student) login?

Your login will be the 5 digit user ID (eg 12345) that you use to log in to the computers (not the chromebooks) at school. If your user ID is a four digit code, add a zero to the front (eg 1234 becomes 01234)
If you cannot find this number, please contact 
Mrs Payne
**Do not use your google log in as this will not work.

I don't know my (parent) login?

We can send you a reminder of your user ID, and reset your password if required. Simply let us know by email remembering to tell us your child's name and yeargroup.

I was not able to sign-up during the window that the system was open. How do I sign up?

Don't worry. If you missed the window of opportunity to sign-up online, contact Mrs Payne who will help you. Please be aware that some activities may be full already.

I don't want to do any activities after school this term and will be going straight home. What should I do?

If you do not wish to stay for after school activities, please select "No Activity" for each day.

I don't want to do any activities, but I have to wait for the bus. What should I do?

If you are travelling home on the bus, you will need to register for an activity or for study.

Will activities finish in time for the late bus?

Nearly all activities finish in time for the late buses. However there are a small number which finish later, or are held offsite and you will need to arrange to have someone to come and collect you at the end. These include Tennis at Bisham Abbey and Sailing at Summerleaze Lake. There may be others as the programme changes each term so make sure you check.

I need to change one of my activities. 

If you need to change any of your options, please contact Mrs PayneSome activity options may be full and cannot accommodate any more students. You must ensure that both the member of staff running the session you wish to join, and the one you wish to leave are happy with your choice.

I can't do my activity this week. Who should I tell?

If you cannot do your activity this week, please ensure that you notify the member of staff running the session.