The vast majority of activities at Claires Court are available at no extra cost. Where there is an extra cost, details are given below.

ARTBoys - Year 2Art Club gives the pupils opportunity to explore different art methods and techniques. Throughout the term the boys will be encouraged to try many different types of media and to experience many different styles of art work, from ideas brought in or from the art 'greats'.
ARTBoys - Years 3-6Drop in Art Club is an opportunity for pupils to have some quiet time in the art room to complete unfinished work or to simply have access to the art materials for anything they wish to produce. You do not have to book in, however, a register will be taken.

Every morning apart from Thursdays - 8.10am - 8.40am
ARTBoys & Girls - Years 7-11Lunchtime Art Club at Senior Boys is an opportunity for senior boys to pop into the art room to work on their art work. No need to sign up

After School Art Club gives the senior pupils opportunity to complete work, and to explore different art methods and techniques
ARTS & CRAFTSGirls - Years R-2
ARTS AWARDBoys & Girls - Year 8An opportunity to work with trained advisors and gain a qualification through Trinity College London. Continues throughout the year Includes materials, masterclasses and moderation

£40 for the full year (Billed)
BALLETGirls - Years R - 1Reception - Year 1
Pale Pink leotard, Pale Pink ballet skirt, ballet shoes, tights or socks.

Years 2 - 6
Black leotard Black ballet skirt, ballet shoes, tights or socks. Girls should wear their hair up.

£39 per term (portal payment)
BOARD GAMESBoys - Years 4 - 11Board games offers pupils the chance to play games with their peers in a relaxed atmosphere. Pupils learn to take turns, understand and follow the rules and accept that they might not win every time.
BRIDGE / SOLOBoys - Years 7 - 11Learn to play some of the classic card games
CHESSBoys - Years 2 - 6Most competitive activity is physical, chess challenges the brain and will encourage your son to concentrate. As well as helping improve his patience and powers of calculation, chess enhances the strategic and sequencing skills.
CHOIRBoys - Years 3 - 6Junior Boys Choir - Working together and developing new skills, we perform in school concerts, local events and performances at the Royal Albert Hall or London’s O2.
CHOIRGirls - Years 3 - 6Junior Ensemble
CHOIRGirls - Years 7 - 11Senior Choir
CHOIRGirls - Years 9 - 11Harmony Choir
COOKERYBoys - Year 4Junior Boys Cookery Club - Come and learn how to make a range of sweet and savoury dishes. Examples of sweet dishes are cookies, cupcakes, fruit tarts and scones. For the savoury options; muffins, quiches, cheese twists, sausage rolls etc. At the end of every session you will get to take home what you have prepared.
COOKERYGirls - Years 3-6Junior Girls Cookery Club
COOKERYGirls - Years R-2Fun With Food
COOKERYGirls - Years 7-9Food Club
CROSS COUNTRYBoys - Years 4 - 6A taster of different athletic training techniques (interval, fartlek and sprints), guaranteed to improve fitness for other sports, as well as 2-3 mile group runs. All abilities welcome. Be prepared to get muddy and explore surrounding fields.
DANCEGirls - Years 3 - 6
DRAMABoys - Years 2 - 6In each session boys are encouraged to share news within a maximum/minimum time frame. The shy boys get time to speak with their peers, and the more chatty boys have to think about what is really important. Then the boys are given a theme to create their own drama stories, with a focus on telling stories. A beginning, middle and ending are essential. Each group performs their play.
DRAMA (LAMDA CLUB)Girls - Years 7-11
DRAMA (TRINITY)Boys - Years 7-11
ECO CLUBGirls - Years 7 - 11
ECO-WARRIORSBoys - Years 3 - 6
ELITE FITNESSGirls - Years 7-11
FOOTBALLBoys - Year R-6LITTLE MAGPIES FOOTBALL Little Magpies Football sessions offer Junior Boys after school football training with FA qualified coaches. Sessions will: Focus on having a fun and positive experience of football Highlight the benefit of sport and physical activity as part of a fun and healthy lifestyle Encourage team play Promote the values of the Football Association; respect, fair play, discipline and equality. Further Information...

Reception - Year 1
£33 per term (portal payment)

Years 2-6
£66 per term (portal payment)
FOOTBALLGirls - Years 5 - 8Claires Court Celtics Womens Football Club
GUIDED PLAYBoys - Years R-1The boys are cared for after school while waiting for their older siblings doing activities or until they transfer to the girls’ school for later After School Care. The boys will play games, read quietly and sometimes watch an age appropriate DVD during this time.
GYM SQUADGirls - Years 3-6Gymnastics development training with a qualified external coaches from Airborne Gymnastics

£38 per term (portal payment)
GYMNASTICS DEVELOPMENTGirls - Years 3-6Morning session of gymnastics development training with a qualified external coaches from Airborne Gymnastics

£30 per term (portal payment)

HOCKEYBoys - Years 7-8Hockey training on the Astro at Senior Boys
HOCKEYGirls - Years 3-11
ICT CLUBBoys - Years 7-11ICT Skills, focussing on Apps, then moving on to Robots.
ICT SKILLSGirls - Years 4-11Touch Typing and an introduction to programming in Scratch.
JUDOBoys & Girls - Year 1 - 6Judo is an Olympic sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline. It is a game of two skills where you aim to throw your opponent and use grappling techniques to pin them to the floor to score points for the win. Judo is a rigorous and physically demanding physical activity. It helps with strength, agility, flexibility, speed and most of all team work as we all work. They are graded on their Japanese terminology, their skills and awarded certificates and special awards. Run by an outside provider, Mrs Victoria Hayden. Spaces are strictly limited and priority will be given to boys who have participated in the previous term.

Early session for year 1
Two mixed ability sessions are available for boys in Years 2-6 from 4pm-5pm or 5pm-6pm.
It is essential that boys and girls taking up this activity should return a completed consent form before they can take part. This is open to all children, whether or not they have any previous experience in the sport.

£40 per term (portal payment)
KAYAKINGBoys & Girls - Years 7-13An opportunity to students to learn the basics of kayaking, or for more experienced paddlers to practice their skills.
Kayaking takes place on the Thames from Boulters Island Qualified BCU Instructors
Students from College catch the early link bus and join Senior Boys to walk from the Raymill Road site.
Session ends at 6.15pm.
Students are not able to catch the school bus and therefore need to be collected from Senior Boys.
Some additional kit required - students are likely to get wet!

£35 per term (billed)
LEGO CLUBBoys - Years 1-2Lego Club is a great opportunity for the boys to work together, use their imaginations to build models and best of all have fun and play with Lego! Numbers are limited to 20 per session so they are on a first come first served basis.
LIFEGUARDINGBoys - Years 5-6This is an opportunity for the boys to enjoy, learn and practise some lifeguarding drills. Such an important set of skills to know, our boys will be able to learn about water safety and how to prevent accidents in the water. A very useful club!
LITTLE MUSKETEERSBoys - Years 3-6Little Musketeers classes are designed and managed by Olympic fencer and four times British National Champion James Beevers and is a fun, safe and educational environment for young children to learn the sport of fencing. What child has not grown up pretending to be a swashbuckling pirate, a dueling Musketeer, or even the master of swordplay himself, Zorro? Why do they do it? Because it’s fun! Little Musketeers provide bright coloured foam and plastic foils and plastic masks with mesh visors that are safe and yet hard enough to give children the real feel of fencing. We ensure visors are worn at all times giving peace of mind as well as that genuine fencing experience.

Early Morning session - Thursday 08:10 - 08:40
After School session - Monday

£95 per term (portal payment)
MATHS CLUBBoys - Years 5-6Junior Maths Club - This after school activity is for boys who would like to enjoy playing games with a mathematical aim or complete varying activities to enhance and challenge their mathematical understanding.
MATHS CLUBBoys - Years 10-11Maths Booster Club - This is a chance for year 10 and year 11 boys to work on their Maths in preparation for their GCSEs.
NETBALLGirls - Years 3-13
NEWSPAPERBoys - Years 4-6Join the CCJB Newspaper Team, where you'll contribute to the publication of the CCJB Termly Newspaper. Your contributions, created individually or as a group, can be varied to suit your interests. Choose to report on a recent or upcoming event, interview key people or create activity pages for our readers to enjoy!
PHOTOGRAPHYBoys - Years 6 - 13In photography club students enjoy creating images while learning about composition, colour and texture. They develop a basic understanding of how aperture and shutter speed settings combine to create effective pictures.
PHOTOGRAPHYGirls - Years 3-6Learn the basics of photograph Girls will need to bring their own camera
PHOTOGRAPHYGirls - Year 8Year 8 girls can use their photography towards their Arts Award qualification.
PUBLIC SPEAKINGBoys - Years 7 - 11
ROWINGBoys - Years 7-8Ergos / Land Training / Conditioning / Water Training

Years 7-8 £65 per term (billed)
Years 9-13 £75 per term (billed)
(No additional cost to students who row for their sport option)
RUNNING CLUBBoys & Girls - Years 7 - 11The Running Club leaves Senior Boys and runs along the Thames Path to Cookham and back (although there are extensions should runners wish to push themselves) and regroup at Boulters Lock before returning to school. There's no pressure to run fast or far, but we expect participants to have a modicum of fitness to be able to complete 5k in 40 minutes maximum.
SAQ FITNESSBoys - Years 5-6Speed, Agility and Quickness training is for those pupils who would like to improve their fast twitch muscle fibres and become faster on the sports fields. The training is fun and also builds general anaerobic fitness. A great club for those boys who want to run between the wickets more quickly in cricket, beat their opponents on the rugby pitch, or sprint ahead of a defender in football! Tuesday mornings - 8.10am-8.40am
SUPERSONIC READERSBoys - Years 3-6Supersonic Readers is an after school activity for those who enjoy curling up with a good book in the library on the comfy cushions. Boys enjoy an extra library book privilege and a weekly reading related activity after 30 mins of quiet reading.
SWIM FITNESSGirls - Years 3-9
SWIM SQUADGirls - Years 3-6
SWIMMINGBoys - Years R-6Beginners - for those boys who are just starting out in the swimming world! Stroke Improvement - open to all pupils who would like to improve the technical areas of their swimming strokes. Boys will have the opportunity to learn and practise the more intricate skills required in all strokes and improve their efficiency in the water. Advanced - for boys who are comfortable in the water. Elite – open to boys in Years 4-6 who are extremely competent in the water and can progress with more advances strokes.
TABLE TENNISBoys - Years 7-8
TASKMASTERGirls - Years 5-6Taskmaster is a series of individual and team-building challenges which the children will undertake each week.
TECHNOLOGY CLUBBoys - Year 6Technology Club is a practical club looking at design and construction.
Can you follow instructions to build a K'Nex model?
Can you create the the tallest tower or longest bridge you from just a piece of A4 and 10 straws?
TECHNOLOGY CLUBBoys - Years 7-8Really interested in Design and Technology and love making things? Would you like to work on your practical projects in the school workshop after school? If you answered 'yes' then sign up to Technology Club and come along to improve your skills.
TENNIS DEVELOPMENTBoys & Girls - Years 1-1316:30 - 17:30
Collect from Bisham Abbey

£150 for 10 sessions (including transport, billed)
TEXTILES CLUBGirls - Years 7-11
THINK TANKBoys - Years 3-6This is a highly structured ‘board games’ based activity in which children not only have fun, but learn ‘cooperation, teamwork, role clarity, strategy and tactics’. In doing so, they develop ‘key social, emotional and thinking skills’. Separate letters are available for those interested in taking part in this activity.

£85 per term (portal payment)
UKULELE CLUBBoys & Girls - Years 7-13A fun club for anyone who wants to learn to play the ukulele. No experience necessary.
ULTIMATE FRISBEEBoys - Years 3-6Fun in the fresh air. Who can be the ultimate frisbee champion?
WATER POLOBoys - Years 5-6Lots of fun! The boys will learn how to play water polo and have the chance to play in small sided games in the water. This is real favourite with our boys and is great for improving general cardiovascular fitness and water confidence.
YOUNG WRITERSBoys - Years 4-6For all budding young writers and those keen to build on their creative writing skills. Why not join our Young Writers after school activity? We will spend the sessions looking at different forms of writing including short stories, poetry, monologues and everything in between. It is an opportunity to share your creative flair in a workshop environment, where all ideas are welcome.