The log in won't work! 

OK, don't panic. The most common reason for your google-authenticated log on not working is that a pop-up window is being suppressed by your browser. This pop up window is just asking you to confirm your google account as without it, it can't log you in.

How to fix it

The solution will vary slightly depending on which browser you are using and in all cases, relies on you having ticked the check boxes on the log in page. Once resolved, however, you shouldn't get the same problem again.

So.....You have checked the boxes and clicked on the "Google"  button, but nothing happens.....
      • Check for a message saying a Pop-Up has been blocked. In Chrome and Firefox, this will be at the top of the page, possibly in the URL box or just below it.
In Chrome, it will look something like this, but it will say "Always allow pop-ups from"

      • If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) or Bing it may be at the bottom of the page. Other browsers may vary.
      • Click on the message and select the option that enables pop-ups from

Once you have enabled pop-ups from the Schoolbase site,  one or more of the following may happen (exactly which combination depends on various factors including the browser being used and whether or not multiple accounts have been accessed on your device) ;

1. You may be taken straight through into Schoolbase
        • Problem solved!
2.  Nothing Happens
        •  Close the tab, go back to "Student Log In Page" and click on "Log in using Google" for a second time
3.  A window will pop up asking you to select your account
        • Select your account
        • If nothing happens again , go back to "Student Log In Page" and click on "Log in using Google" for a third time
You should now be taken straight into Schoolbase

It might take up to three clicks on the "Log in using Google" link

1st click prompts the popup issue. Resolve it.
2nd click allows Schoolbase to identify the Google account. Select the account.
3rd click uses the newly identified google account to log you in

Once you have gone through this process you should not need to do it again.

If you STILL can't log in, please get in touch with Mrs Payne