Schedules and Information


Terms & Conditions

Once chosen and allocated, options for activities for the term are fixed and should not be changed without good reason.

Once paid, no refunds will be given for an activity except in the case of cancellation or curtailment by the school.

Occasionally the school may opt to rotate groups at half term if there are a large number students on a waiting list.

Allocation of spaces in activities with a restricted capacity will be made by the school, ensuring fairness and equity in all cases.

JB Activities Schedule.pdf

Junior Boys

JG Activities Schedule.pdf

Junior Girls

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Additional Information & Costs

SB Activities Schedule.pdf

Senior Boys

SG Activities Schedule.pdf

Senior Girls

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Sixth Form


Some of our activities are very popular or may have a limited number of spaces available.  For these, we will be operating a waiting/holding list system. Where students work towards grades / belts or certificates, we will give priority to previous participants to enable them to continue working towards their goal. After that, we will assign remaining spaces in order of application

For other activities that simply have limited spaces, we will endeavour to allocate spaces as fairly as possible.

Everyone wishing to join the activity should select "Join Group", and will then be added to a waiting list rather than on to the main group list.  

If an activity appears to have spaces available but puts you on a waiting list, it is because a controlled waiting list is being operated.

Waiting lists will also be created if the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces. You are free to join this waiting list as there is always the chance that someone will pull out of an activity and free up a space.  If a space comes up, and you are next on the list, you will be contacted.

While every effort is made to ensure that Activities are offered to boys and girls equally, there will be differences in the various schedules due to staffing availability, onsite facilities and, ultimately, student interest. 

It may be possible to arrange for a student to participate in an activity on another site but as activities do not run at the same time on all sites (to facilitate cross-site transport links) it may not be practical.  Suggestions are always welcome, and all requests will be considered for future terms.


Although most come at no extra cost, some of our activities (mainly those involving a third party provider) incur an additional fee. 

All chargeable activities are flagged with (£) on the schedules and more information can be found 

In most cases, payment for externally run activities will be made directly to the third party provider and a link will be provided for these payments. For a small number, the fee will be added to the end of term bill. Further information will be sent to all participants once registration for the term is complete.

If you have any queries regarding specific activities, please contact the school office who will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff co-ordinating activities.